Conditions for Registering as a Practitioner

These conditions apply to applicants for both the family systems and organisational systems practitioners listings. However, for the organisational listings, Condition (1) does not need to be met.

All applicants for registration must supply evidence of:

1) a therapeutic (usually four-year) or counselling (usually two-year) training from a reputable training body (i.e., a copy of your diploma or certificate). Further, any qualifications you wish to have displayed in your listing must be supported by copies of the certificates awarding the qualification.

2) current professional indemnity insurance.

3) having taken part in Bert Hellinger’s workshops or those of practitioners who have learned the work directly from Bert Hellinger and are listed as senior practitioners on the practitioners list of the IAG (to be found at

4) having taken part in at least 20 days of training and supervision in Hellinger’s systemic therapy. You must also certify that you have done your own constellation work for your family of origin and current family. You should also be committed to following the development of the work generally and thus to the development of your own work.

5) being familiar with the English language Hellinger literature and videos and with the principle themes and processes described. Your familiarity ought to be at such a level that you can pass on your knowledge. You should be familiar, at least, with the effect of the personal and collective conscience, entanglements and their resolution and the orders of love. It is also important that you have sufficient insight into what Bert Hellinger calls "Movements of the Soul", and have the intention to practice being open to phenomenological experience, i.e., to be without intention in facing clients and their work.

6) having held, for a minimum period of 2 years, at least 3 workshops per year lasting several days each.

7) support from two colleagues from either the practitioners listing or from the practitioners list of the IAG,

8) awareness that acceptance on the listing entails a strong recommendation to connect with or establish a local or regional group in order to exchange ideas and discuss experience of the work.

For information on registering, send an email to